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Fire and Safety
Fire and Safety
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Having the right blend of fire and safety equipment paves the way to a hospitable and human-centric society.

At ITG we deliver a wide range of solutions in firefighting including but not limited to:

•  Firefighting Trucks of all Sizes and Types

•  Ladders, Platforms, High-rise Rescue and First Aid Equipment

•  Fans, Technical Equipment, Tools

•  Hydraulic Rescue Tools

•  Hazmat and Decontamination Equipment

•  Fire Station Equipment

•  Stowage Systems

•  Firefighting Helmets

•  Protective Clothing, Gloves, Boots

•  Thermal Imaging Cameras, Respiratory Protection Monitoring Equipment

•  Nozzles, Portable Monitors, Fittings, Hoses

•  Fire Suppression, Submersible Pumps, Portable Pumps

•  Power Generators, Electrical Equipment

•  Alarm and Warning Equipment

Fire and Safety